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We welcome adult players of all ages and abilities, including beginners, so why not come down and have a friendly game and chat with us. If you want to play competitively, we run several teams in the various local leagues, catering for all abilities.

Hertford Chess Club is meeting online (lichess.org) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings until further notice. News of past club actvity can be found on the Club News page.

20/10/20 4NCL Online - Season 2 results.

13/10/20 Not a good night for Hertford in the 2nd round of the Herts Chess Online played tonight:
Round 2 Pairings

01/10/20 In the blitz Barry came first, Simon 2nd and Andrew 3rd. 8 players took part.

29/09/20 Hertford win 8½ out of the 15 points available in the 1st round of Herts Chess Online competition:
Round 1 Pairings

24/09/20 The deciding match, between Mike and Alan, of this season's scalps competition was a very close thing. With 3 secs to go Alan only just found the winning move. This event is very popular with our club players, and its all thanks to Mike for proposing and running it so smoothly. Here's looking forward to next season's event.

19/09/20 With one week to go before the end of the 2019-20 scalp season, there are four more scalp results:
Mike beat Gerald, Gerald beat Alan, Corinne beat Mike and Brian beat Alan

15/09/20 Lewisham defeated Hertford by 7½ to 4½ in the 12 board online match.

14/09/20 Thursdays the 17th and 24th September provides the last two opportunities to play scalp matches. Watch out for news of a new season. Mike is contemplating some changes. On Thursdays evenings starting October sees club blitz and scalp matches alternating each week. We start on October 1st with a blitz (then scalps on the 8th and so on).

10/09/20 In the latest scalp matches, Gerald beat Steve, Andrew beat Duncan, Mike beat Aaron and Steve beat Theo.

03/09/20 Theo beat Mike, Alan beat Mark and Duncan beat Mike in tonight's scalp matches.

27/08/20 4 scalp matches tonight. Mike beat Allan, Andrew beat Alan, Andrew beat Steve and Corinne beat Steve.

01/09/20 Barry wins the blitz 4/4 with Andrew 2nd 3/4 and Alan and Mike tying for 3rd 2/4. 6 players took part.

25/08/20 4NCL Online - Round 1
In Season 2, we have three teams … so the colourful imagery of last season may be more difficult to maintain. After all, I have grass to mow and horse brasses to polish. But much of the fun of 4NCL Online comes from the post-match banter, so … in the interest of keeping up the pace … here are my post-match thoughts now that the events of last night are behind us, and now that I have had a chance to review the games played:

• The shortcomings of the 4NCL seeding processes were highlighted fully with Hertford 1 in Division 4 taking on a Warwickshire Bears C team that would struggle in Division 6 (and in Division 7 if there was one).
The routine 4-0 victory came about as each Bear contrived to lose material in different ways, with only Andrew’s game exhibiting a degree of elegance. Barry ambled to victory by virtue of an active Queen and an advanced pawn, Ian’s game was all about the d7 square (and Ian controlled it), while Simon just collected the material that his opponent unwittingly gave him. This was school chess, with the teaching staff wearing Hertford mortar boards.
Stay motivated, Hertford 1. Don’t believe that this is typical. Things will get a bit more difficult.

• Flurry and flapping accompanied the Hertford 2 match against NATO. How does a Team Manager play while receiving in excess of 50 WhatsApp messages in the first ten minutes? He plays beautifully, of course, and … on hearing that the opposition have defaulted on two Boards (commiserations Nick and Steve), he unveils the ‘Hertford Manouevre’ for the first time online. “Would you care for a draw, Bemused Opponent?” … and the match is secured and Allan Hutton can play in relaxed mode. And Allan was relaxed. And Allan did win.

• Hertford 3 … facing stiffer opposition that Hertford 1 … oh well … give it a go, Lads. Nothing to lose. But, before I talk about Board 1, let me help those who have had trouble pronouncing our player’s name. I know that a lot of you have had difficulty … but I can help.
It's pronounced … M-I-K-E. It rhymes with ‘bike’ and ‘like’. OK? I’m glad to help. M-I-K-E’s game was hard to follow. A careless spurning of a pawn, but active piece play … and an opponent intent on self-preservation rather than attack (and we know where that can lead). M-I-K-E secured the mate, courtesy of a bit of self-strangulation from his humbled victim.
Brian’s game was all about the e3 square (and Brian didn’t control it), while Mark ventured steadily enough into one of those drawn N+P endgames where both players can win. Mercifully, he kept his head while short of time and came through unscathed. And, as we know, there’s nothing worse than being scathed.

I have saved the best until last. Oh yes, the game was interesting enough. Some early Queen play, a few tactics that didn’t go exactly right, and Theo found himself a pawn down … and then another pawn down. But it’s opposite Bishops, pawn majority on opposite sides and Theo’s King in the wrong place. There is no hope.
But there is always hope. His opponent fritters one pawn away and, on move 72, Theo’s King eventually made his majestic way to a5. The enthralled gallery watched the dance of Death as the moves rolled by. And those of us who were there … well, we all want a T-shirt that reads “99 … Bb6”.
A brave draw, Theo. You, Sir, are my ‘Man of the Match’.

So, a great start for the Club. Those who played were a credit. Hertford 1 are top of Group C in Division 4, while Hertford 2 beat the World’s foremost peace protectors and Hertford 3? Well, Hertford 3 have shown that they are a match for anyone.
Dave Rudd.

Photo of Theo

20/08/20 3 more scalp games - Brian beat Alan, Steve beat Mike and Steve drew with Allan.

18/08/20 The Tuesday night blitz finished with Barry on top, Andrew second and Brian once again in the medals with third place. Highlight of the evening was Brian's draw against Simon.

13/08/20 3 scalp games tonight. Mike beat Alan to go top of the leaderboard. Steve beat Brian then Corinne beat Mike.

11/08/20 14 attended the AGM held on Zoom. With no over-the-board chess on the horizon, the club has entered 3 teams (19 players)in 4NCL's Online second season. Dave Rudd is in charge and the 3 team captains are Andrew, Steve and Alan. First matches are on Tuesday 25th August.

06/08/20 In 3 games, Steve beat Alan, Mike beat Brian and Steve drew with Andrew.

28/07/20 Mark B returned to blitz in winning ways this week. Brian did well finishing 2nd and Steve came 3rd. 5 players took part.

23/07/20 In 3 scalp games, Andrew beat Steve, Alan beat Mike and Steve drew with Mike.

21/07/20 Barry's turn to win the blitz with Andrew and Gie second and third respectively. 7 players took part.

16/07/20 In the first two online scalp games played this evening, Brian beat Andrew and Mark Lynch beat Mike.

16/07/20 The Hertford Club reopened on Saturday 4th July but only with reduced hours. They're meeting to discuss their next steps and have promised to keep us informed. In the meantime the Herts Chess Association hold their AGM on Wednesday 29th June and are seeking the views of all clubs to help determine what to do about this season, currently suspended, and also to understand the demand for chess in the season ahead, 2020 - 21. Please respond to Andrew's email with your views.

07/07/20 Tuesday's blitz on lichess was won by Andrew with Steve runner up and Brian 3rd. 8 players took part.

30/06/20 Tuesday's blitz on lichess was won by Barry with Andrew runner up and Gie 3rd. 8 players took part.

Updated Oct 20th 2020

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