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We welcome players of all ages and abilities, including beginners, so why not come down and have a friendly game and chat with us, Tuesdays from 7.30 pm. If you want to play competitively, we run several teams in the various local leagues, catering for all abilities. You will find us at the Hertford Club, Bull Plain, Hertford, SG14 1DT.

Events this week:
Mon 10th December, Division 5, St Albans 5 v Hertford 3, 1½ - 2½.
Tues 11th December, Division 1, Hertford 1 v Hemel 1, 3½ - 1½. What a marvellous finish those who stayed to the end were able to witness. Alan was under severe time pressure, and losing, when he pulled off a great Queen and Bishop win. His opponent, who took the defeat very well, blundered just when the win should have been in the bag.
There were a record 8 scalp games played on Tuesday with the Laskey family doing rather well.

Updated 14th December 2018.


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Quote - Magnus Carlsen, Sinquefield 2018

I've been telling people all my life that I get nervous but they never listen. It's part of being really competitive and really caring about the results, that nerves are bound to creep in at some point. It's part of the game. Learning to master it takes a lifetime for most people. I'm hoping to get there eventually.

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