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We welcome adult players of all ages and abilities, including beginners, so why not come down and have a friendly game and chat with us. If you want to play competitively, we run several teams in the various local leagues, catering for all abilities.

Bishops Stortford v Hertford Result

On Tuesday 10th, Hertford first team entertained Letchworth. Our guests were unfortunately not at their strongest and we ran out winners 4½ to ½. The first teams best result this year and leaves us top of the table at the year end. Mentions to Paul and Simon (Morris) winning their games with common themes of good bishop vs bad bishop. Both instructive and you should get them to show you their game next time they are in the club. Simon (Knott) had an impressive win on board one almost having his opponent in zugzwang by the early middle game . Next up top of the table clash with Watford early in the New Year.
Hertford 1 v Letchworth 1 Result

Hertford 3 v Hoddesdon 1 Result

Tue 3rd December Hertford 4 lose to St Albans 6, 2 - 3.
The end was fascinating, although not because of the chess. On the last board to finish the digital clock failed with 7 minutes left for Hertford against just 39 seconds for St Albans. The 10 second increment was applicable though. There was a scramble to find someone who could set up a new clock and then that took two attempts before we remembered to program in the increment. Even then St Albans had been given a very generous 49 seconds. Play continued for several moves with St A surviving on the increment but down to 10 seconds. With quite a crowd gathered, Hertford played his rook to the second rank illegally exposing his King to check. Two or three more moves followed before Hertford realised he was in check. At this point, unsure what to do, Hertford offered a draw but in so doing lost the match. The amazing thing here was not one of the watchers who had noticed the illegal position arise, spoke up to point it out. They all deserve credit because it is naturally tempting to do so. But it's also incorrect and, according to the circumstances, could have led to penalties. Games should never be interrupted by a third party. So what is the correct procedure here (a) if one of the players had noticed immediately following the illegal move and (b) once the check had been seen some moves later? The answer to appear here once I find time to write it up. Alan
Hertford 4 v St Albans 6

Hertford 2 v Royston 2 Result

Nice to see Duncan begin his comeback in Hertford 3's win away to St Albans 5 on Monday.
St Albans v Hertford

Following last week's win against Little Heath in the Russell Cup, Hertford do it again in the league!
Notable mention to Simons demolition of his opponents queenside in about 25 minutes and Alan’s sturdy defence in a major piece ending. Hertford 1 currently top HCA division 1.
Little Heath v Hertford Result

Overheard in the bar on Tuesday evening after the U120 cup team beat Bishop's Stortford.
"That's three cup competitions we're still in this year."
"Yes, I don't know what's going wrong."
U120 Cup Result

Stonking win, 5 - 1, for Hertford in the Russell Cup Q-F against league Champions Little Heath.
The match starts quietly............ but things liven up in the bar afterwards.
Hertford start quietly Russell Cup QF

Hertford players will once again make the pilgrimage, on Monday 2nd December, to the London Chess Classic at Olympia. Magnus Carlsen, in ruthess form, is playing Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in the first semi-final.

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The U120 match away against Letchworth & Hitchin is now to be played on Tuesday 2nd June 2020. It was originally down for Monday 27th April.

The H&D match against Bishop's Stortford originally scheduled for 22nd October is now to be played on 25th February 2019.

Hertford 4's matches against Stevenage 4 on 18th November and 14th January have been cancelled as Stevenage have withdrawn their team from the league.

Fri 1st November, Corinne invites bookings for our Christmas Dinner at the Millstream, Hertford, on Tues 7th December. Please let her know if you're attending.

chess over coffee       Simon patiently waits while Corinne takes a nap.

Updated December 13th 2019.

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