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Hertford Chess Club is meeting online (lichess.org) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings until further notice.

21/01/21 Thursday evening and 19 players turned up on Zoom for a 90 minute analysis from Stephen Swanson of a 1st Division League club game played by Paul Byway. This was a real treat with everyone enjoying it, even the viewer with no sound. We're hoping Stephen will repeat this initiative soon.

20/01/21 Hertford players manged just 3½ points out of a posible 16 in the first round of the HCO last night. Room for improvement then.
Herts Chess Online, Round 1 Results

12/01/21 EACU Online Club Championships U1400 Hertford beat Broadland Harriers 2½ - 1½.

08/01/21 EACU Online Club Championships All three Hertford teams won their round 2 matches this week. There's an odd number of teams which usually means one team has to take a bye each week. To avoid this and give everyone a game, 3 teams each week are split into half, to give 6 mini teams and 3 mini matches. Confusing but it works.

17/12/20 After topping division 5 last season, Hertford move on to win division 4
Division 4 Final

14/11/20 It comes too late for me but any new player visiting our site might enjoy How To Get Good at Chess. It's also a plug for 'Queen's Gambit', the Netflix film apparently doing wonders to improve the reputation of chess. The journalist behind this article, Stephen Moss, wrote an excellent book 'The Rookie'. He includes a link to it. It's a good read and any club member is welcome to borrow my copy. Alan

Updated Jan 22nd 2021

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