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From the Thursday 21st club blitz.

The chess club is closed until further notice although many players have moved online.

16/05/20 Ex Hertford player Svetlana Sucikova wins the women's final of the English Online Blitz Championships.

On Thursday evening 7th May Hertford narrowly beat Watford 6 - 5 in an online match hosted by lichess. Full result here.

26/05/20 4NCL Round 8
Cheal, Barry 2193 ½ - ½ Dabner, Tom 1690
Buswell, Mark 1810 0 - 1 Kuralla, Kaushik 1585
Judkins, Brian 1697 1 - 0 Finn, Elizabeth 1357
Wooster, Nick 1690 1 - 0 Litherland, Jack 1300
Hertford win 2½ - 1½

For me, it is one of Life’s curiosities that Chess, so obviously an individual pursuit, is actually the ultimate team game.
Who among us has not agreed a draw in a won position ‘for the good of the team’? Why, we even refer to that as the ‘Hertford manoeuvre’ so often has it appeared in our match play.
But what makes a good team player? What characteristics must he/she have? And how does a Captain know what lies among his rough collection of diamonds and coal?
Here is my tale of events. And I will share my views. We have diamonds of different cuts … and here’s why:
The Outlaws of Sherwood Forest came to Hertford this week, all swagger and plucking of lutes. Folk heroes maybe, but robbers nonetheless … crime is crime … and with such crime, bad behaviour follows.
The Four of Herts stood back-to-back … encircled by the swarthy band of bandits. There was hissing and spitting, and a not so merrie taunt. It would have been easy to capitulate … but now our diamonds shone.
Barry blunted the first attack. Sometimes not losing is all that’s needed and ‘Robbing’ Dabner was sent scurrying back to Sherwood Forest with his bow all battered and his arrows bent.
Our unpolished diamond is Mark. What confusion. A mess. But he invokes ‘recovery mode’, and things look brighter. Very bright. A few more blows and the Outlaws are undone … but he tinkered briefly, and his jewels are snatched. Water to the eyes.
Now the team resolves that such unkindness will not go unpunished. Brian and Nick … these names will be sung in Hertford hostelries … spurred on by the indignity of iniquity did what team players must. They looked around and asked “Who will do it?”.
And both chose to avenge their wronged teammates. A little Fortune here and there … of course … but simple reward for the brave and the bold.
This is how it works, Hertford. Heroes all … at different times … but heroes all. Diamonds shine when diamonds have to shine.
Sherwood Forest is a damp and soulless place today. The ancient oak droops under a grey sky and there is no singing through the green green trees.
But mead flows in merrie Hertforde Town. We have diamonds a-plenty.
Dave Rudd

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4NCL Online Chess Barry, Mark B, Dave and Nick have entered a Hertford team into this new competition. Matches are played every Tuesday evenings up to 9th June starting from 7.30pm. The rate of play is 45 mins + 15 secs per player. Over 170 teams have entered. It seems an excellent way to provide reasonable length games whilst we remain in lockdown. In their first match they beat Wimbledon 3, 2½ - ½.
Steve, Mike, Mark L, Theo and Alan are participating too. They're part of three 'Broken Herts' teams drawn from across the county.

24/03/20 Hertford Chess Club now has an internet chess club. Join now to challenge other club players and/or play in the blitz on Thursday at 8.05pm.

Five club players - Mark, Stephen, Paul, Mike and Alan - met on the internet on Tuesday to play some blitz games. This was the inaugural meeting of the online Hertford Chess Club. Mark Bussell was the organiser and chess.com hosted the 'club' and our mini tournament. You first have to join chess.com, it's free, then navigate to the clubs section where a search will quickly reveal the Hertford Chess Club. Under the members option you can apply to join. It worked well and was good fun and hopefully more of our players will join. More details to follow.


Updated May 28th 2020

Tip for the club player

You can never have enough tactics. Every chess player must solve as many puzzles as possible in order to grow stronger.
GM A Mikhalchishin

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